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Profusion Triptych II, Block Print by Judith Hilmer
Profusion Triptych II
36" x 18" $850

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As much about painting as printing, the block prints of Judith Hilmer fall into the category of "varied editions." No two are ever exactly alike, and some are radically different from their classmates. Only a few are worked on at a given time, and a press is never used. An individual print may receive hours of attention and many layers of ink.

Because of their individuality, the artist chooses to number more complex editions with a Roman numeral. Editions are limited, with 100 prints as a maximum - an undertaking that may take years to finish.

The signature memberships Hilmer has earned for her work in watercolor are reflected in her use of ink. Far from "traditional," these methods and the ever-changing results keep the work fresh and always exciting for the artist.

Before purchasing, a photo proof will be sent to the buyer for approval. Please feel free to contact the artist with your questions on color or how to order.

All block prints are sold unframed.

Original photos and text are Copyright 2000-2014 Judith Hilmer. All art work remains the property of the original artist. All Rights Reserved.